Memory Cup veterans Leningrad ball hockey

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June 18, 2016
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July 13, 2016

Memory Cup veterans Leningrad ball hockey

A hockey players transcend the vagaries of the weather. After all, they are playing rink bandy on ice covered areas. Today at the Ice Palace SKA that on the Petrograd side, play memory Cup veterans Leningrad bandy. He invented and organized this tournament Vladimir Bajin, longtime captain Petersburg veterans. A financial support for this event has Alexander Jordan, the legendary goalkeeper, who played for teams such as the “Dynamo” (Alma-Ata), “Yunost” (Omsk), “Foundry” (Karaganda), ” Red Dawn “(St. Petersburg). Jordan – the second and the third prize winner of the USSR Championships, silver medalist of the world championship among juniors.

Participants everything regulars such tournaments the team “Neva Dawn” and the CPC “Vsevolozhsk,” a relatively new group “Koltushi-bandy”, acting as a “headliner” team of veterans of St. Petersburg and the team, proudly calling itself the “Red Dawn”, also composed veteran, just another call. It seems that everyone could be put under the banner of bandy in our city, responded to the call of Vladimir Bazhina.

The draw takes place in the trophy odnokrugovom format, matches are played 25 minutes, “dirty” time. Games caters to the international category Judge Gregory Minaev, but for the rim all the judicial and organizational functions assumed Sergei Kasitsky.

In the stands, there are a veteran Leningrad bandy: Gennady A. Konev, for many years coached the “Red Dawn”; Yuri Ulyanov, Leningrad, who gave 30 years of working with Monchegorsk “Severonikel”; Vyacheslav Pavlovich Shagalin, honored the referee, three are among the country’s top judges; Boris S. Kuvaldin, played for the team for many years “Wave”. All of them were given souvenirs, including watches with the logo of Federation of Bandy Russia.

Games between going on as usual. “Red Dawn” lacks match practice, but due to the experience and skills they beat “Neva Dawn” and make a draw with “Koltushi”. “Neva Dawn” good start, having played with the “Vsevolozhsk” 2: 2, but in all subsequent meetings, she loses. Pleasant impression is made by the team “Koltushi-bandy” and CPC “Vsevolozhsk” their forces are equal, and only on additional indicators vsevolozhtsy bypass in the standings koltushtsev.

But the team of veterans of St. Petersburg – apart from the competition! Masters flaunt new beautiful game shirts. They gave Selyunin Andrew, head of the company “GEO”, engaged in cargo transportation in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. To match the shape of the team and the game: five wins in five matches. A brilliant result!

Cup in the hands of captain Vladimir Bazhina veterans, but, as always happens in such cases, the winners were all participants, as the main outcome of the tournament – hockey.

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