Mini Hockey in Summer

Memory Cup veterans Leningrad ball hockey
June 19, 2016
Hockey Team and Potential Sponsors
August 5, 2016

Mini Hockey in Summer

Only in the first month of the summer. The reason for the late closing began playing mini-hockey, or as it is called, in rink bandy. June 8 at the arena “Horse” finished the open championship of Leningrad region for this variety of bandy. For six months, the team from our region revealed the strongest. Participation in the tournament was four-team: HC “Koltushi Bend” (p.Koltushi, Leningrad), CFCs “Vsevolozhsk” (Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad region), Veterans Team (Saint-Petersburg) and HC “Neva Dawn” (Saint Petersburg) . The winner of the last round was the team of veterans, and the best on the results of the championship were athletes from Vsevolozhsk.

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