Simple ways to enhance your ice hockey skills

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Simple ways to enhance your ice hockey skills

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Are you thinking to enhance your hockey skills? We have shared a few tips that keep you in the game and sharp. There are several elements which combined helps the person to be a professional ice hockey player. Some of the key points are explained below:


It does not require much explanation since it is well known that skating is an important skill to become a successful ice hockey player. You need to skate exceptionally well. You have to be experienced in quick stops and starts, explosive acceleration and sharp turns which makes sure you are at the correct position in all the times. If you are not good at speed, you need to consider visiting a skating clinic.


It is challenging to perform puck movements in hockey. Be it on the neutral zone, on a breakout or scoring drive, you need to learn to pass the puck. It is an important skill that should be mastered from the beginning. Ensure to work on saucer pass, lifter, hard pass, wrister and more.


When you are trying an active backhand shot, there are chances of being on the edge as you shoot on the net. It is challenging for the goalie to remain prepared for the backhander since this kind of shot result the puck to go at weird angles.

Maintain your head up

The majority of recreational or occasional ice hockey players do not check or take their body for checkups when they are out of ice. It is safer to learn skating and stickhandle with head up. It permits you to see the ice better and also make informed choices in the hockey game.

Soft hands

You may be holding the hockey stick firmly as it is done by most of the players. It is recommended to use soft hands since it helps you in reacting fast and aids to receive a shoot and pass.

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