Ice Hockey

Do you know what’s to love about Ice Hockey? Unlike some other major sports, it’s world championships, and important games are played every year. There is a time, once every year when you can immerse yourself in the beauty, fun, and joy of Ice Hockey. As if that was not enough, the origins of ice hockey can be traced back to the 17th Century! Yes, you read that right. The term hockey itself comes from the ancient world hoquet – a stick used by shepherds to herd their flock.

This love, zeal, and zest for hockey is the reason Bandy Piter was born. We wanted to share with the world a small part of the energy, skill, and stamina it takes to play the game. To fulfill this vision, we regularly update the blog with new on the most blazing topics around Ice Hockey. Any reader who lands on Bandy Piter get access to:
• Stats on the latest hockey players, teams and games.
• Results of tournaments, not just the latest ones but also old ones.

Giving our readers the 101 on all things ice-hockey is only part of our goal — that too a small one. For us, bandypiter.net is a chance to show the world the best ice hockey team to play in the National Federation this year. We didn’t want the fans and the rest of the world to miss out on the team and the splash they are going to create. Once they waltz onto the ice rink, it is going to be a bruising ride, and we wanted to capture every moment of it.
It was with immense pride and honor that we build Bandy Piter. Our hope is that you too will take the same pleasure in becoming a part of it.