Ice Hockey is a winter sport. It is a sport that played on snow. The skaters of the two teams use their strips to shoot a fay into their opponents team net to score points. This sport was mainly played in a few regions of America and other countries earlier. However with the benefits of the game spreading, the sport today has a world wide fan base.

Playing ice hockey is not an easy task as it involves very strenuous movements. There have been instances where players have even gotten seriously injured as a result of playing ice hockey. The IIHF has very strict rules that are enforced to reduce the number of injuries caused by unruly players on the ice

Bandypiter has been making a name for themselves in Ice hockey tournaments in the recent times. Our team is proud to boast of World Cup veterans as well as former players from the Russia national team. With players like this, Bandy Piter have managed to become one of the most formidable teams in ice hockey.

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