Hockey Training Technique For Gaining Speed

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July 21, 2019
Hockey training
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July 21, 2019

Hockey Training Technique For Gaining Speed

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Speed is essential for excelling in the hockey game. Thus professional hockey players require special and unique training to gain momentum in the hockey field. The following training techniques can help hockey players to perform better. Change your training strategies so that you can build speed and improve hockey game skills.

Smart Training Techniques

The following are some of the training techniques that help to work out the muscles of the hockey players.
Concentrate On The Leg Muscles
When you’re under hockey training, make sure that the hamstring and gluteal muscles be worked out. Perform the wall set, which creates stress on the quads and also tightens the hamstring and gluteal muscles. Try sitting in the squat position so that the hamstring and gluteal muscles are flexed. When you squat, make sure that the entire weight is on your heels. Make sure that you tap your fingers against the hamstrings.
Go For Single Leg Training
You must go for a single leg balance so that you develop the overall stability of your body. Thus during the single-leg training, the free leg should be bent based on the back leg principal. It is essential to maintain balance, so the entire body weight is above the heel. Try squatting deep each time.

hockey trainingImportance Of Speed

Speed is one of the essential qualities that need to be developed for every hockey player. Thus to build speed, check if the movements are done with speed and grace.
Thus perform exercises with high speed, when you squat perform it quickly. When you reach 90 degrees, during squatting, make sure to change the direction soon. This offers deceleration and acceleration strength. Thus increasing the speed helps to change direction during the game in ice. Make sure that you land softly when jumping during the ice hockey game. The above training helped to improve the speed and stability to play on the ice.

The above are the hockey training tips for gaining speed.

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