Petersburgers – Third Memory Tournament

Hockey players from the area have been stronger.
June 13, 2016
Memory Cup veterans Leningrad ball hockey
June 19, 2016

Petersburgers – Third Memory Tournament

In the suburban Obuhovo held another drawing of the traditional tournament in memory of Yuri Shorin. Team St. Petersburg veterans took part, as follows: A. Ryzhikov (goalkeeper), Bazhin B. (Captain), Kitsenko S. Chaldykin I., A. Fighters, Myasoedov S. Osipov I., A. Napalkov, Lazitsky D. E. Esin, malaria I. Zubkov D.
In the semifinals, our players have given way to the royal veterans of “Vympel” – 1: 5, the only goal was marked by Igor Osipov. In the match for 3rd place Petersburgers opposed Obukhov “Trud”. Double noted Igor Osipov, one ball scored fighters A. and E. Esin, the opponent replied only goal being scored. Thus, St. Petersburg has won with the score of 4: 1 and won the final in third place in the tournament.
The best player of our team found S. Kitsenko and prize of the best midfielder of the tournament went to Ivan Osipov. The award was attended by such famous masters of Russian hockey, as S. Lazarev G. Kanareykin. The winner of the tournament became a royal “Vympel”, outplayed in the final match of the SC “Obukhovo”.


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