Getting A Head Start On The IIHF World Championship

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June 12, 2019
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Getting A Head Start On The IIHF World Championship

Ice Hockey

A few Betting Tips For the IIHF 2019 World Championship

Yes, ice hockey championships started in 1920, but we needn’t worry about historical data when wondering who will win the 2019 tournament. The reason for it lies in the most significant advantage of IIHF.
The Ice Hockey World Championship is that it takes place yearly. All other major sports, think cricket and football, happen further apart. Therefore, when it comes to predicting who may win the IIHF championship, one only needs to look back at last year’s event. For 2019, it means studying the 2018 tournament. That was won by the Sweden team.
Ice hockeyFor those who want to bet on more teams, a study of the past 4 IIHF World Championships shows that Canada made it to the finals three times. In 2015 and 2016, they even reached the final event and won it. Therefore, one can safely say that you rely on Canada’s team to reach at least the latter phases of the championship.
To get a better idea of how well the Canadians will perform in the 2019 tournament, keep an eye on the Regular Season of NHL. Even still, at Bet365, Canada’s team tops the odds at 2/1.

A Further Look At The Defending Champions

Even though the Sweden team is the defending champion, they are the second favourite when it comes to betting tips. The odds of them winning the IIHF World Championship at Bet365 are at 3/1 right now. Though it has to be mentioned, they are featured very heavily on most betting odds. When you look back at their history, it is clear why. They were the winners in the last two Ice Hockey World Championships. Moreover, they have won 3 out of the previous six championships.

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