Robots and Ice Hockey- Rules of the Game

ice hockey
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June 12, 2019
Ice Hockey
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Robots and Ice Hockey- Rules of the Game

Image of A Robot Playing In a Ice-Hockey Match

Cobots Support Human Operation

Robots or cobots are highly popular all over the world and even in India. It is utilized by several companies like Aurolab or Bajaj Auto and has benefited in a great way. Such companies are also planning to include more such cobots in their shop floors. The best part of adding these cobots is no consumers or clients complaint about their work.

A cobot works along with human in a common workspace. It is almost equal to the full-fledged robots which are designed to work with limited guidance or operate autonomously. The cobots relieve and support the human operation. When there is excess work, the coworker takes and performs its share. In the automobile factory, the cobot stiffens the bolts, whereas the human worker would place tools besides the cobot. In the same way, when you enter the biscuit factory, you can see cobot packaging the biscuits and the human worker segregating the fit and non-fit biscuits for consumption.

Cobots Support Human OperationCobots in SME and Sports Industry

With the utilization of cobots, about 80% of downtime is eliminated. There are significant gains in productivity. Several small and medium enterprises are planning to deploy cobots to perform key functions and utilize human labor for feeding details and get the work done. It is simple to use cobots. It is possible to programme the cobot in just 40 minutes. There is no need to have extensive technical knowledge to programme the cobots. Cobots score high in terms of safety and security matters. It is extremely safe to deploy a cobot in the workplace. It is flexible and it is used as a tool in most industries. Find out more about Cobots in the sports industry. In other words, cobots are performing more than expectation and dominate the workflow. It relegate human involvement in the background.
Robot or cobot also plays an active role in the sports and entertainment industry too. Bot hockey is a challenging and exciting game that features groups of remote organized robots. They compete to get goals utilizing a puck which is used in hockey. This game rewards driving skill and teamwork more than expensively built robots and exotic materials. In this game, the rules are shared in a simplified version. The rules are almost similar to street hockey or ice hockey rules.

Robotic specifications

The game is played through the bot hockey robots. They are seen in the form of tiny radio regulated electric powered vehicles which are utilized to change the game puck behind the opposite robots. This way, you can score by shooting and pushing the puck into the scoring zone. Strict weight limits and size on the robots motivate practice, creativity, and teamwork in the scheme of the robots. If the team is wise enough, they would select robots with best features so as to help the team to play effectively.

Robot configuration: It consists of wheeled devices with powered wheels of two or more in number. Other configurations like shuffle feet, leg, ground effect flying, and several snakelike patterns are permitted until the robots meet the weight and size limits as listed. The robots do not fly using rotors, airfoils or ground effect beyond the puck’s height by any means.

Jumping or hopping tools are permitted as robots cannot jump from the playing rink. When the robots are in a Robots Playing Ice Hockey in the ground.normal configuration, it should fit in the size of the square mentioned for each class. There are no restrictions on vertical dimensions. Battering utilizing exotic construction or chemistry has a chance to release toxic liquid or gas which are not permitted. If you are in doubt regarding the battery type, you need to get in touch with the event organizer.

Electric motors and electric batteries should completely power the robots. It is not allowed to depend on fuel cell, internal combustion or other means for power. Battery voltage is restricted to 48V. It is defined as an approved power of battery array. Bot hockey robot should remain free from devices or weapons since it has chances to damage the competitor robot, the puck or the playing rink. During the tournament, when there is any damage or discretion, the organizer may disqualify the robot. The robot should not be constructed in such a way that it violates the rules of the game. It is not allowed to remain with cutting edges, spikes, and points. There are chances to cause damage or injury to a person or competitor robot.

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