Overview Of Comprehensive Hockey Weight Training Program

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Overview Of Comprehensive Hockey Weight Training Program


The hockey weight training program is offered throughout the year as it is categorized into several phases. Each phase provides a particular fitness to the hockey players. It is a periodized program which improves the fitness and performance of hockey players. Here you would know about the successive weight training program for playing ice hockey.

Types Of Training

Here you would know in detail about the list of training offered under the comprehensive fitness training program for ice hockey players.
Cardio Training: This includes both aerobic and anaerobic training, which mainly aims in keeping your body fit. Cardio workouts are simple, and you may not get tired when you undergo it. Anaerobic exercise can help hockey players to build endurance and offers the ability to perform for longer hours. Thus players can play their whole game without getting tired. Skating, jogging, walking are some of the vital cardio training exercises. You can also undergo cardio workouts using cardio equipment like treadmills, cycle machines, indoor tracks, etc.
trainingWeight Training: This is categorized into various phases. In the early preseason phase, strength building and aerobic fitness are given greater importance. Anaerobic fitness is concentrated during the late preseason. During the in-season the player must be completely functional; thus, both aerobic and anaerobic fitness are concentrated. The offseason is the period to relax but at the same time, remain active. Light workouts in between rests can help in regaining the strength.
Role Specific Training: Each player of the hockey team play a unique role. Thus based on their roles, they are offered with special fitness training programs.

Benefits Of Weight Training Program

The following are the benefits of the weight training program.
The training program offers muscle strength. This comprehensive training helps in strength development. The weight training helps in the conversion of strength and speed into power.

The above offers some useful insight into comprehensive weight training.

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