From the Russian national team forward the report on the World Cup

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August 5, 2016
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September 17, 2016

From the Russian national team forward the report on the World Cup

The idea of ​​a trip to the world championship on hockey in Ulyanovsk appeared for a long time, actually with the choice of this city. The fact that only my departure on a similar holiday was a visit to Alma-Ata in 2012, the memories of which are still alive and vivid. It was a truly unique place, in the colorful capital of the colorful Asian country.

In subsequent years, the championships were held in Sweden, Irkutsk and Khabarovsk – places distant from St. Petersburg. And require significant financial and time costs of their visit. Ulyanovsk is located in the European part of Russia, recently covered by hockey arena was built in it, and, bypass, I’m in it, it has never been, and in many reviews, the city in recent years.

In general, there was a strong desire to go, but, despite this, due to the general uncertainty in the business of the tickets. This opportunity was the match for the bronze medal and the final.

So, reaching through Canas in Ulyanovsk, I met our “Petersburg” Ulyanovsk – Andrei Tikhonov and Sergei Myasoedova, with whom we shared together.

Suddenly, before he even to the first semi-final, I immediately plunged into the already-forgotten atmosphere of a large sporting event. Excellent weather hockey on an outdoor stadium “Trud”, all kinds of posters, banners, noisy fans, the game is the best masters of Russia – ce is filled with positive emotions.

The result of the match Russia – Kazakhstan is not in doubt, and just before the final whistle, we moved from the stadium to the lunch time to get to the “Volga-sport arena”, where we waited for the second semi-final.

Big rush of spectators it was not, apparently, many considered the result predictable. Although about three thousand spectators still typed, which for a small arena it looked impressive. Construction I generally liked, both externally and internally – to watch. The only annoying proximity of the stands to the field, because of the near-field side.

So, Sweden – Finland. This game has much to say, try to reproduce our emotions and impressions.

After the starting whistle began the usual Scandinavian oboyudo-careful driving the ball with careful supervision. More surprising to perceive the first attack of the Finnish team! It was obvious that the Swedes just do not expect from such impudence Finns – they were preparing for the opponent’s game on defense. After a few quick attacks to the Finns came and deserved success! In the stands, all at once alive, glad unexpected intrigue.

I must say that at the same time, I think that this is the right thing to do. For them, the Swedes were not respected in the evening, and they were determined to play their game. In turn, after the first goal for the Swedes, do not realize this, they thought it was a fluke and continued impressively pass each other, confident in its class and hoping for a lot of time left in the game.

And the Finns continued to attack, discouraging as the Swedes, and the audience, who began to violently maintain their neighbors. After a series of corners, the Finns doubled the score … In the arena there was an indescribable atmosphere, as if the Swedes won no Finns and the Russian team! The evening is already guaranteed to become interesting and exciting!

After the second goal. Only now they are realized that actually happening, and that such a pace they can not get to the finals. They were more likely to attack and dangerous, but these attacks were often scattered, did not have the team spirit, solidity, which leads to success, and that this evening is fully present at their rivals. At the end of the half, Swedes got even one ball, but the Finns were not going to sit on the defensive! The game was equal, with the double-edged attacks, and after the holiday nail the Finns again – 3: 1!

Next, the Swedes tried all means to pull the game, they were able to make the score 3: 2, but a lot of errors, haste and nervousness did not allow them to even the score. In the second half of the second half, the Finns are tired, and basically moved into position, occasionally disturbing Swedes still dangerous attacks. Game Nerve was transcendent, the stadium has already become the twelfth player Suomi, and they did not disappoint!

The next day was the last for the teams of the group. A. Although the excitement of the spectator at the match for the third place was not predicted – after all, the Swedish team was confident to take at least a bronze medal. Get enough hockey, beautiful game masters, and of suddenly Kazakhstan team will repeat the feat of the Finns? After all, in general, in the course of the war, The weather was great, and I was coming to the “Trud”.

Indeed, the stands were only half filled, but the audience was rewarded in full! This assembled team of Kazakhstan in Ulyanovsk we have not seen. Careful control of the ball, at least of marriage, conceived attack, strong defense game – it seemed as if they had adopted the tactics of successful winners of the second semi-final.

And so the game began to bear fruit. Swedes in the first half, scored an early goal from the corner, but most have not been able to show. Kazakhs also fatally unlucky! Creating dozens of scoring chances and corner, earning a penalty at the end of the first half.

But the chances were minimal. At the beginning of the second half, the game remained tense. But, alas, did not realize a couple of good chances, Kazakhs missed the second goal, which was the culmination – the Kazakhs have despaired, and then have the result was predictable. However, the national team of Kazakhstan has its share of applause and respect.

On the final lot will not say. All saw everything, everything is clear. But I will say about the game the Russian team, which disappoints me for the past two years, from the time when a coaching bridge was literally removed the St. George. In all the crucial matches against the Swedes, whether or not the games were played in the season, or the matches of the group stage, or final in Khabarovsk – our masters for some reason The players. They could not organize a sharp combination of attack, there were many marriage programs in individual actions, did not know what to do with the ball, etc. Yes, they had a great last 15 minutes in Khabarovsk, but rather in spite of it … In the end, our team in Ulyanovsk played well and efficiently, but is it their merit, or is it allowed rival, has made the feat At this World Cup?! The Russian national team, winning it, the feat had not made … We will wait for next year.

And a couple of words about the championship intrigue, the tournament format, etc. On the Internet, conducted a lot of discussion about the formula of the world championship. I am impressed by a proposal, according to which proposed to play, a tournament, odnokrugovoy the top six teams. Thus, none of the team will not have the right to misfire while increasing the chances of all the band members – not only in Sweden and Russia. Maybe then psychological timidity Finland to Russia and Kazakhstan to Sweden and finally disappear?!

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