St. Petersburg team in the World Cup among veterans

From the Russian national team forward the report on the World Cup
August 11, 2016
Olympic Past Bandy
October 9, 2016

St. Petersburg team in the World Cup among veterans

From 13 to 16 November in the Finnish Lappeenranta hosted another, fourth, the World Cup draw on hockey among veterans. The competition traditionally involved and St. Petersburg team. Alexander Ryzhikov, Alex Kuz’kin Andrew Lobachev Sergei Kitsenko Igor Chaldykin Alexei fighters, Sergei Myasoedov Igor Osipov, Evgeny Malahovskiy Igor MALYAROV Alexei Nikishov Dmitry Chernov, Vyacheslav Solomatov, Alexey Zolotarev Sergey Syrkov Dmitry Zubkov, Andrei Badanin Andrew Greznev and captain Vladimir Bajin team.

Thirteen players in the tournament, which included teams from Finland, Russia, Estonia, as well as the International Federation of the bandy team (which included, by the way, turned out to be the ex-striker Petersburg HC BSC Igor paper), were divided Into four groups. Petersburgers got a place in fact in the “group of death” – with “his sharp” and “Sverdlovsk”. Nevertheless, both fight with the favorites were, in spite of the expense, stubborn, unyielding character. Results 0: 3 with the Sverdlovsk and 1: 6 Krasnogorsk, however, was not allowed to continue the fight in the playoffs and sent to Petrograd in consolation matches. Our veterans are serious: with the score 4: 2 was defeated Syktyvkar and with the score 2: 0 – the owners of the ice, “Veyterya” from Lappeenranta. Thus, St. Petersburg won the “consolation playoffs” and took the 9th place among 13 participants. A World Cup won by the team “Veterans Krasnoyarsk”, beating in the finals veterans Krasnogorsk “vigilant.

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