Triumph of St. Petersburg

Hockey players from the area have been stronger.
June 13, 2016

Triumph of St. Petersburg

With the victory of the national team of veterans. Petersburg from Moscow, Obukhovo, where on Monday February 22 was another joke, the fifteenth in a row, the memory of the tournament Yuri Shorin.

In the open ice of the stadium, Vympel (Korolev, Moscow region), Metallist (Korolev, Moscow region), Trud (pos Obukhovo, Mo.), Obukhovo (pos Obukhovo , MO) and, of course, our team.

Team Vladimir Bazhina beginning of the fight in the tournament with the semi-final stage, where in a bitter struggle defeated Korolyevskiy “Vympel” – 4: 3. Petersburg met with the owners of the ice – sports club “Obukhovo” and won a solid victory with a score of 4: 1. And after the first half of the score, it was equal to 1: 1, as a decisive turning point in the game our Players have made in the second half of the meeting.

Congratulations to the team of St. Petersburg with this great victory and wish all of our veterans in the future!

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