Training Tips And Elite Workout Routine For Hockey Players

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July 1, 2019
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Training Tips And Elite Workout Routine For Hockey Players


Playing hockey requires a lot of strength and endurance. Thus hockey players are the most conditioned athletes who have been into specialized training and elite workout routine. Here you would know about the tips offered to improve your training and the workouts to be included to build body strength for players.

Hockey Training Tips

One must gain a better understanding of the training offered to hockey players. The tips provided below would help to undergo intense training.

Include Explosive Training
Workouts would indeed be boring when you try one after the other. Thus try to include some explosive training which makes you interested in workouts and also offers strength and increases power.
Explosive workouts are a great way to stimulate muscle fibers. Medicine ball is the most preferred explosive training of hockey players.

Concentrate On Core Training
Players must focus on core training for improving their hockey game skills. Core training offers flexibility and offers enough movement required for hockey players. Core training provides dynamic strength, which is essential for better performance in the field. The core power generated can help in strengthening and stabilizing the back and shoulders of hockey players.

Elite Hockey Workouts

hockey trainingThe elite hockey workout is a seven-day workout routine which offers the overall fitness and strength for hockey players. Here is the detailed explanation of what this workout routine includes.

Day 1: On the first day the players must undergo Fours sets of Dumbell bench press and overhead slam. They also perform three sets of Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown, Russian Twist and Triceps Pushdown. The above workouts are performed with a rest of 45 seconds in between every set.
Day 2: On day two hockey players offered with cardiovascular workouts, which includes walking and running is the treadmill. These workouts are practiced for nearly 30 minutes. Thirty seconds of sprints and 60 seconds of the walk is also added on day two workout.
Day 3: Workouts like Barbell deadlift, Push up to Side Plank, One arm dumbbell row are performed on Day3.
Day 4: This is the rest day
Day 5: Workouts like Dumbell Lunges, Bench dips, overhead slam, and Front Barbell squat are performed on day5.
Day 6: Walking and treadmill workouts are performed on Day 6.
Day 7: This is the rest day.

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