Pillars Of The Off-Ice Training

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Pillars Of The Off-Ice Training

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Intensive training is required for hockey players to improve their game skills. There are various workouts of the off-ice training program, and it must be based on the pillars of Off-Ice training. Here you would know about the various components of the off-ice training.

Pillars Of Off-Ice Training

A clear understanding of the various components of off-ice training is essential for developing skilled hockey players. The following are the pillars of the off-ice training.

Strength Training
Perform several workouts with loads and forms of resistance. Make sure to strengthen the core, which helps in the movement of your body. Strength training is offered through lifting loads which build stress in your body.

Speed Training
It is essential that you improve your speed in the dry field so that you perform faster on ice. Thus there is a relation between the speed of running and skating speed. This speed training would help to improve your speed.

ice hockeyCoordination Development
It is essential for players to develop co-ordination within their body. Creating connections effectively can help to offer an added advantage to the performance of the hockey game. The training provides strategies to make the best possible moves and understand the space. It helps to perform multiple movements with speed ladder drills using your feet.

This is the standard components of ice-programs, which help in the proper functioning of the respiratory and circulatory system. Perform metabolic running, which offers overall fitness. Practice short sprints with adequate rest in between.

Flexibility is an essential component of off-ice training of athletes and also hockey players. Stretching workouts offer the flexibility of joints, and this helps in improving the performance of the players.

Off-Ice Drills

Players must practice some of the off-ice drills so that they can develop overall strength of the body.

Understand about the pillars of off-ice hockey training and improve your performance in the hockey field.

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