Simple Nutrition and Training Tips for Hockey Players

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Simple Nutrition and Training Tips for Hockey Players


It is important for young hockey players to eat nutritious and wholesome food for the wellbeing of a strong body and mind. As a parent, if your goal is to see your little champ a qualified hockey player, you need to focus on various things. Apart from helping them to develop their techniques and skills, proper diet and good nutrition are important for the sport. Here are some of the things you need to take care of the overall development of your child.

Avoid junk food

Nowadays, all are aware that junk food has only empty calories. The hockey player should consume good nutritious food. You should not give them money for consuming fast food meals. Though it takes a little extra time to prepare healthy food, it helps them in a long way. Make sure your grocery list contains a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits and also whole grain foods and lean meats. It is always best to buy organic foods. Avoid sugary cereals, high fat and high calories foods like candy, cookies, and chips.
It is best to stock your refrigerator with sliced vegetables and fruits which they can consume as a snack. Vegetables offer all the nutrients you require.

hockey practiceDiscourage overeating

Most athletes do not follow the traditional three meals policy. Overeating will stress your stomach. Moreover, the food will not get digest properly when you consume too much. The body will find hard to absorb necessary nutrients in the right quantity. It negatively affects the concentration levels and stamina of the players. Parents should see that their children eat right proportion especially before practice or the game.

Encourage small meals

It is also recommended to a schedule so that they can eat small portions several times a day. It helps in the proper engagement of nutrients. The child’s energy should be at optimum levels before practice. You need to check what they are eating. The time required for absorption and digestion depends according to the food they consume.

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