Exercise Routine For Improving Your Hockey Skills

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June 12, 2019
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Exercise Routine For Improving Your Hockey Skills

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Hockey is a game which requires great endurance; thus, you have to follow an exercise regimen. This would help to build strength and increase the endurance of hockey players. A proper exercise routine can help in better performance in the game.

Need For Workouts
It is essential to concentrate on various key areas to excel in your hockey game. Follow an exercise routine which helps in building muscles strength, increase fitness, improve stability, and develop the ability to resist injury. Here you would know about the list of exercises that would help players to excel in the game.

Types Of Physical Training
Some several workouts or exercises would help players to perform better in the hockey game.
Strength Workouts
Hockey players require high strength and endurance to evade the opposing team. Thus they should perform workouts that strengthen their arms, core, chest, legs, and shoulders. The following exercises would help them in building the overall strength of their body.
Trunk rotations
Arm swings
Walking lunges
Leg swings
Stride Jumps
Cross Crawls

Aerobic Fitness
It is essential that you keep your heart and lungs healthy for playing hockey. Aerobic fitness would help to play for longer hours in the hockey ground. Walking, jogging, and climbing stairs can help build aerobic fitness for players. You can also try out sprints for your overall fitness. These workouts improve the respiratory and circulatory system of your body.

Resisting Injuries
Hockey players are likely to get injured on the field. Thus hockey players must take certain precautions and practice preventive workouts that help to withstand injuries. They also have to follow certain lifestyle habits so that the recovery after the injury is quick. They must stay hydrated and eat a well-balanced diet. They should seek the advice of a fitness trainer when following an exercise routine.

The above are the exercise regimens to be followed by hockey players and their importance.

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