Can Clear Favourites Still Win An Ice Hockey Championship?

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June 25, 2018
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June 12, 2019

Can Clear Favourites Still Win An Ice Hockey Championship?

Hockey Team Tournaments

A Look Back At A “Lucky” Hockey Game

Back in 1999-2000, the St. Louis Blues had the maximum number of regular-season points over any other NHL club. They won the President’s Cup that year. The victory got them not only a huge fan base but also a media storm. An example of which is the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which published a massive cartoon of the Blues in the uniforms as monsters strangling the thin necks of San Jose Sharks. The Blues were set to play the Sharks In an opening playoff series.

What Does The Old Game Teach

Hockey Team TournamentsNobody expected the Sharks, a lowly number eight seed, to win. But the exact opposite happened. The overconfident members of the Blues waltzed onto the ice to face a team made of veterans such as Dave Lowry and other deadly checkers. For the next seven games, Sharks trounced the Blues thoroughly. At one point, a Blues defenseman tossed the puck in his own net all because he was exhausted.
The experts believed that it was luck that made the San Jose team prevail. They made lucky goals or else the Blues would have won. The story teaches two things:
• Even clear favourites can lose a hockey game badly.
• While gambling on ice hockey may be full of uncertainty, the game is not. No team wins due to sheer luck.
How do you use this learning while betting on the current Ice Hockey Tournament? Yes, Sweden has won the last two championships, but they are not the only one. Canada is in the mix too. So, when betting, keep both the teams in mind. Anyone of them can come on the top, even though the odds favour Canada more.

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